There has been a fuss in particular on X about the behavior of Noni Madueke shortly after the FA Cup semi-final between Manchester City and Chelsea on Saturday evening. The winger was fooling around with Jack Grealish, while teammate Thiago Silva was in tears over the 1-0 defeat of the Blues and elimination in the cup tournament.

Silva's emotions are clearly visible in the images circulating on social media. The tears were probably due to the fact that the Brazilian defender will probably end up without any prizes at Chelsea. Silva is now 39 years old and has an expiring contract in West London.

Despite his age, Silva is still used very regularly by manager Mauricio Pochettino. The veteran has made 32 appearances for Chelsea in all competitions so far. Despite this, it appears that the South American is in his final months at Stamford Bridge. In any case, nothing has been announced yet about a new deal.


While Silva fights back tears, Madueke has a good time with Grealish shortly after the final whistle at Wembley. The former PSV striker had a starting place against Manchester City, but was prematurely removed by Pochettino.

Madueke's action causes outrage among Chelsea supporters. “Thiago Silva has won everything as a player, but is still angry about missing out on a final. And then you have Madueke, who has not shown or won anything yet, who doesn't care. A sad state of affairs,” one user of X concludes.

Second incident

Madueke also received negative news on Monday evening. Chelsea was then 4-0 up against Everton, who were defeated 6-0, when the winger personally scored a penalty. The former PSV player then wanted to stand behind the ball himself to do the job, but Nicolas Jackson thought differently.

After a heated argument between the duo, Cole Palmer, Chelsea's regular penalty taker, intervened. The star player hit the target, after which his bickering teammates visibly reluctantly congratulated him.

A grumpy Pochettino was disappointed with Madueke and Jackson, the manager said in conversation with the BBC. “I cannot accept this kind of behavior. I told them this is the last time I want to see this kind of behavior. If we want to be a good team, we have to think in a collective way.”

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