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The English League 2 is also known as the Sky bet League 2 through sponsorship. The League consists of 24 teams and all teams play a total of 48 games throughout the season. The football season starts in mid-August and doesn’t finish till late May.

The main aim for the teams in this division is to get promoted and the way this can be achieved is the first three teams automatically go up into league 1. Teams that finish fourth to seventh will play each other in a playoff which consists of a knockout style competition till there is one team left, and that team goes up a division.

For the teams who finish bottom of the league, they are relegated to the National League. Only two teams go down and they are replaced with the team who finished first and the second place is filled by the team who has won the play-offs.

During the course of a season, the amount of supporters to attend live football in this league was 1,681,413. The average attendance for a game were 4,594.

By combining all of League 2’s full stadium capacities they will hold on average 269,246 fans. Portsmouth has the biggest stadium in League 2, which holds on average 21,100 fans.  The smallest stadium in League 2 is Accrington Stanley with 5,057. The club to have the oldest stadium in this league is Mansfield Town which has been running since 1861. Morecambe has the newest build stadium in the league has it was built in 2010.

The coverage for League 2 is very limited due to the fact there are no broadcasting rights for the league for it to be shown overseas. With only highlights coming from two broadcasters such as Sky and Channel 5 on British television.


The total market value for League 2 is set at £66.49 million for season 2016/2017. The club to have the best market value is Leyton Orient with £3.89 million. The club which has the smallest share of the market is Cheltenham Town with a total of £1.47 million value.

Most valuable player

Leyton Orient also has the most valuable player in the league in terms of transfer, performance and age. The player is called Teddy Mezague. Who is currently valued at £650,000 and his contract runs till the year 2019.


On average a player playing in this league will be earning £1,300 to £1,500 a week.  Most clubs will involve bonuses in terms of scoring a goal, keeping a clean sheet or by making a first team appearance.

The earnings of players compared to the top league of English football are 30% smaller than those who play in the top tier.

Clubs tend to invest more in their youth academies than give out high wages for players. By developing their youth they hope to sell their biggest prospects to bigger clubs.  The money they receive will then be invested back into running the club.

Record transfer

The biggest transfer to be received in League 2 came from Southampton in the summer transfer window of 2012, for Gillingham FC goalkeeper Paulo Gazzaniga. The transfer fee was in the region of £2.68 million.

The biggest transfer fee to be spent by a club in league 2 came from Notts County in the year 2009. In the summer transfer window, Notts County paid in the region of £1.49 million for the Manchester City goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel.

Transfer window

With the January transfer windows just closed, many clubs within league 2 chose to bring in free agents, loans or chose not to bring in any players at all. However, Doncaster and Luton Town decided to splash the cash this window with permanent signings.  The Total amount of money spent was £2.71 million.

Cash Prizes

For winning league 2 clubs will receive £240,000. Also for any teams who are relegated, they receive money through parachute payment which helps to absorb the impact of going town and these payments are usually spread over the course of next season.

All Clubs will receive money for winning league games from the Football League Association and will take a certain percentage of ticket sales. This money will be agreed before they play.

Most valuable player

Leyton Orient also has the most valuable player in the league in terms of transfer, performance and age. The player is called Teddy Mezague. Who is currently valued at £650,000 and his contract runs till the year 2019.

Players Records

The player to score the most in one season in League 2 was a player called Tom Pope who managed to score 31 goals for Port Vale in the season 2012/2013. John Akinde is currently the leading scorer for in League 2 for the 2016/17 season, he plays with Barnet FC.

The longest serving player currently playing in this league is Matt Bloomfield who has played for Wycombe Wanderers for 13 years.

The oldest player to make an appearance in League 2 was a player called Chris Day who turned out for Stevenage FC in the defeat against Blackpool. The youngest player to feature in this league was a player called Ethan Ampada who at 15 made his debut for Exeter City.

Harry Pell who plays for Cheltenham Town has picked up the most bookings so far with 12 yellow cards and one sending-off.


In Sky Bet League 2 Portsmouth have the biggest fan base and it’s closely followed by Luton Town in terms of average attendances. Accrington Stanley is the lowest supported club within the division.