Chelsea was eliminated from the FA Cup on Saturday by Manchester City, who were 1-0 too strong thanks to a Bernardo Silva goal. The schlemiel in the Londoners' chance was Nicolas Jackson, who killed a number of big chances. After the match, the English media were not kind to the 22-year-old Chelsea striker.

After half an hour of play, Jackson was given an opportunity to put Chelsea ahead at Wembley. He only went for goalkeeper Stefan Ortega, but completely botched it.

In the second half it was Jackson again who was launched by Chelsea. The Senegalese enjoyed a free passage, but was overtaken at the last minute by Kyle Walker, whose push in the back was just enough to prevent a penalty. Because Bernardo Silva did score in the 84th minute at the other end, Manchester City won the game.

Due to his missed opportunities and the eventual defeat, Jackson was severely criticized by the English media after the match. “It is not surprising that Nicolas Jackson was so keen to take that penalty during Chelsea's 6-0 win over Everton recently,” writes the DailyMail. “It has now turned out that the chance of him scoring in a different way is quite small. He didn't play badly against Manchester City, but in front of goal he was the Wizard of waste.”

The London Evening Standard also highlights Jackson. “Jackson huffed and puffed but couldn't get Guardiola's house down. The 22-year-old striker was the story of the match. Despite his good work, the Senegalese will only be remembered for his missed opportunities. It was a bad afternoon from Jackson, with further evidence that he is not clinical enough.”

The Independent lists Chelsea's three biggest fears: “Death, taxes and Wembley chills.” The tabloid then turns to Jackson, with a text based on the song 'Ms. Jackson' by OutKast. “Sorry, Mr. Jackson, but you need to apologize for this a gazillion times. This is your fault.”

“Chelsea and specifically Nicolas Jackson's season is so tragicomic that Amazon will regret not sending cameras to the club for a documentary,” concludes The Independent.

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