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FC Utrecht achieved a big victory over PEC Zwolle on Wednesday evening. Both teams barely managed to convince before half-time, but they scored six goals in the second act. Utrecht made the most of these: 5-1.

The first half was somewhat timid from both teams. The first 45 minutes were characterized by an offensively unconvincing Utrecht and a PEC that often had to stop the build-up in midfield.

Yet there was one big opportunity before the tea break. In minute 34, Utrecht came through and had a good opportunity through Victor Jensen. The Danish midfielder had difficulty finishing and eventually found the post.

The mediocre first half was reason enough for Utrecht coach Ron Jans to intervene. The coach brought no fewer than three substitutes into the field, including future retiree Mark van der Maarel. PEC was also forced to make changes: Bram van Polen was replaced injured by Silvester van der Water.

In the second act, hell was quickly hit twice. After Van der Maarel's cross was headed onto the post in minute 47, Sam Lammers was able to simply tap in the rebound: 1-0. That score would not be visible on the scoreboard for long.

About two minutes later, Jens Toornstra doubled the margin. The midfielder aimed from a great distance and shot excellently: 2-0.

After about an hour of play, PEC thought they could claim a result again. Lennart Thy scored for the 2-1 and so the Zwolle team could start hunting for an equalizer.

The reality turned out to be completely different. A double by substitute Isac Lidberg made it 3-1 and 4-1, meaning that Zwolle's hopes were finally dashed. Adrian Blake's late 5-1, who only played for Utrecht for the third time this Eredivisie season, was mainly for the statistics.

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