Tuesday, January 24, 2023 at 10:30 PM• Martin van Mourik

Valentijn Driessen and Johan Derksen tackled Marcel Brands hard. The analyst duo hold the PSV general manager responsible for what trainer Ruud van Nistelrooij calls it, the crisis among the people of Eindhoven. At the table Inside today after the 1-0 defeat at FC Emmen, Brands is called ‘odd guy’ and ‘reluctant and mysterious’.

“Whether Ruud van Nistelrooij failed his exam? no! His best players have been taken away”, Derksen responds, who believes that general manager Marcel Brands is primarily responsible for the (temporary) sporting malaise at PSV. “The arrogance is radiating from his head. He came in with an attitude of: I invented it and I’m going to put PSV in scaffolding. You never got in touch with that man either. He is always reserved and mysterious: I think he is a strange fellow.”

“I don’t understand that PSV sees him as the ideal general manager,” Derksen continues. “Scouting, being diligent and, if there is money, buying a player is something anyone can do. Now he has to manage staff for the first time in his life. Well, he doesn’t know about that either. With that arrogant appearance you are immediately 1-0 behind. As a technical director, he has achieved a few things, but why is he now general director… He looks like a politician who sits on the municipal council, in the provincial council and in the House of Representatives,” said the analyst, who received support. from Driessen.

“Marcel Brands did fail his exam, yes. He is the one responsible for everything. First he victimized former technical director John de Jong and now he’s hanging his ears: you didn’t have to sell Madueke, but he sold him anyway. Now you come with a boy from Anderlecht (Fábio Silva, ed.), but of course he will not make it either. First he helped Everton to the gallemizes, and PSV is the next club. If you are not suitable as a general director, then you certainly cannot also be a technical director,” concludes Driessen.