Friday, February 19, 2021 at 10:44 AM• Jeroen van Poppel

Thanks to his expiring contract with Olympique Lyon, Memphis Depay has nothing to complain about interest. According to the Corriere di Torino the 27-year-old attacker has already received a contract proposal from Juventus, with which he would earn a gross five million euros a year for four years.

The question is whether Depay is warming to the alleged Juventus proposal, because the striker of the Dutch national team is currently earning a gross 5.5 million euros a year from Lyon, according to reports. France Football earlier. The tax rules in Italy are a lot cheaper for football players than in France: from 2020, half of their income will be tax-free for football players. On the other half, they pay 43 percent, bringing the tax on their total salary to only 21.5 percent. In France, footballers pay 45 percent tax on the amount above 150,000 euros, in Depay’s case almost his full salary.

Depay is, according to the Corriere di Torino still followed by some other clubs. Barcelona has undiminished interest, but the question is whether the Catalans can meet the salary requirements of the attacker, given the financial problems. Borussia Dortmund is also mentioned as a possible destination for Depay.

This week it was announced that Lyon is asking a substantial salary sacrifice from its players, including Depay. The current number three in the French league has suggested much of the squad to cut salaries by 25 percent until the end of the season, reports L’Équipe Wednesday. Negotiations with the selection about this are still ongoing. Last year, Lyon did not come to an agreement with its players, when there was also talk of a salary reduction.


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