Johan Derksen has his reservations about Wesley Sneijder's way of doing things. According to The moustache the former international of Oranje should fully focus on a position in the football world, and not be too busy with recording European Championship songs, among other things.

“Wesley Sneijder handled it very wrongly,” Derksen said on Tuesday evening Today Inside. “He wanted a serious position in football and spoke with FC Den Bosch. To become technical director.”

“And he has been ogling Ajax a lot. But Ajax didn't feel like it, because Wesley always has that household of friends around him. You bring a whole group into your home,” Derksen refers to the entourage around the former midfielder of the Amsterdammers.

“That boy is a bit frustrated. But then he shouldn't do one thing: make a record with a friendly folk singer.” Sneijder went into the studio with singer Wesly Bronkhorst to record the European Championship song 'I'm just like you'.

In Veronica Offside on Monday, Sneijder briefly performed the song, to the horror of Derksen. “This is not the man that listed Ajax is looking for. This works against him. Barry Hughes would have had a golden coaching career if he had not started singing those strange songs. Then he would have ended up at PSV, or something.”

“But at a certain point you are no longer taken seriously in football.” Presenter Wilfred Genee pointed out that Sneijder will again look at a tailor-made process together with the KNVB. The intention is for him to join a club.

“The first time he lasted fourteen days,” Derksen remains skeptical. “And I'm curious whether he has the perseverance to pass that course. It's a shame, but it's also so easy. He doesn't like that course and then he quits. And then a management course, as if within three months as a full-fledged manager.”

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