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Boef gained access to the dressing room in the AFAS Stadium on Thursday evening immediately after the sensation of AZ against Lazio (2-1) in the Conference League, the club shows on his Instagram account. Boef is a fervent supporter of AZ and celebrated the party with the players, while Habiba – his biggest hit – blared through the speakers. “S/O to Alkmaar!”, AZ writes in the post.

Boef, born in France in 1993 as Sofiane Boussaadia, grew up largely in Alkmaar. It is no secret that the rapper is a supporter of AZ, as he hinted two years ago in an interview with VICE. “It seems really lukewarm to me to just have my own football club,” Boef said at the time. “I know a lot which club in the Netherlands. If possible AZ or something. I just buy AZ. I pump a little money into it and put players to work. That seems lukewarm to me, man. That seems really lukewarm.” A takeover of AZ has not yet got off the ground, but the club clearly embraces the well-known rapper, as witnessed by his access to the dressing room on Thursday evening.

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