Friday, March 17, 2023 at 00:45• Jeroen van Poppel • Last update: 01:40

Feyenoord’s European adventure continues. The team from Rotterdam outclassed Shakhtar Donetsk 7-1 and advanced to the quarterfinals of the Europa League. Afterwards, Arne Slot joined the press conference. Reporter Labib Bitchou asked the coach about the star of the day, and he named Oussama Idrissi. “Normally, trainers prefer not to talk about individuals, but today I’m making an exception,” said Slot.

Idrissi took a leading role in De Kuip by scoring twice in a row shortly after the break. The left winger did that in a characteristic way by dribbling in from the side and finding the far corner with a shot. The second in particular flew in unparalleled, via the bottom of the crossbar. “A lot of players were good, but I think it was very nice for Oussama Idrissi to see that his return was not only in assists, but also in goals,” says Slot.

“I saw goals from him that I did not see for the first time, but last time he wore a different shirt,” continues the Feyenoord coach, who previously worked very successfully with Idrissi at AZ. “It is very nice to see that he is scoring those goals again. He has done well all season with that overlap (to the emerging left back, ed.), but shooting a ball in the far corner is not so easy often, although I forget FC Groningen at home (1-0, ed.), but I thought that was a cross and not a shot,” Slot smiles.

Idrissi himself also joined the press moment. The attacker received a crowd exchange after his goals. “I am grateful for the applause, but the Feyenoord audience claps for all its players,” said the winger, who certainly seemed to receive a standing ovation. “I don’t remember it very much anymore, but if it is, then I am extra grateful. What I especially remember about our audience is that they always support us, even at times when we are having a harder time.”