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Juventus is considering registering Mohamed Ihattaren for the Next Gen team, reports Tutto sport. As a result, the 21-year-old from Utrecht could return to the fields sooner than expected. Juve still have faith in Ihattaren and see that the left foot is working hard to make a comeback. With Juventus Next Gen, the former contract player of Ajax and PSV could play in Serie C.

Ihattaren has been in Turin since last month and regularly shows through social media that he is working hard on his fitness and condition. Juventus is satisfied with the work that the midfielder annex winger is doing and wants to motivate him with a place in the match selection of the second team. Ihattaren then has to prove himself there again, in order to possibly have a chance of winning a place in the main force. Recently, Ihattaren was already in the stands during a match of Juventus Next Gen, where Dutchman Dean Huijsen, among others, plays.

Ihattaren recently announced via Instagram that he is having a good time in Italy. “I am having a great time in Turin and I am enjoying it.” He also responded to the question when he will play matches again. “I hope soon, I am on the right track,” said Ihattaren, who wants to play at the Allianz Stadium with shirt number 52. His last match dates from May 6, 2022, when Ihattaren played 1-1 with Jong Ajax against De Graafschap. In preparation for the current season, he did play a number of practice matches with Ajax’s main force.

Glenn Helder spoke openly about Ihattaren in February. The former Arsenal winger indicated that he does not think that the left leg will succeed. “I am sure that Ihattaren cannot change himself yet. Van der Vaart, Vanenburg, Sneijder, Nouri’s brother, he got the jackpot in personal guidance. He doesn’t just screw it up, the boy wants to change, otherwise he wouldn’t ask for help either. But he can’t keep it up.”


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