Tuesday, November 15, 2022 at 7:56 PM• Sam Vreeswijk • Last update: 20:00

Feyenoord has been told by UEFA how it will be punished for disturbances during the Europa League matches against SK Sturm Graz (1-0 defeat) and Lazio (1-0 win). Among other things, the team from Rotterdam is not allowed to take fans to the next European game, and part of the stadium must remain empty during the next European home game. In addition, Feyenoord will receive a number of fines.

At the end of October, when Feyenoord visited Sturm Graz, the Rotterdam fans lit fireworks and objects were thrown. In addition, according to UEFA, there was ‘disturbances in the public’ and ‘damage caused’. As a result, Feyenoord is not allowed to bring fans to the next two European away games, one of which is conditional. In addition, the club will be fined 50,000 euros and Feyenoord must contact Sturm Graz within thirty days about compensation for the damage.

A week later, on November 3, things went wrong again in the home game against Lazio. Even then, the fans set off fireworks and objects were thrown. As a result, UEFA decided that Feyenoord must keep the north stand closed for the next European home game and that the Stadionclub will be fined 30,000 euros. There is also a fine of 26,000 euros for blocking the passageways in the stands.

Feyenoord was also penalized several times by UEFA last season, in particular for setting off fireworks. As a result, the club also had to keep the north stand completely closed in the home game against Sturm Graz (6-0 win) earlier this season. In total, Feyenoord received more than half a million euros in fines from UEFA last season.


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