Tuesday, 2 August 2022 at 23:50• Jeroen van Poppel • Last update: 00:09

Kenneth Perez saw Guus Til unintentionally sprinkle sand in the PSV engine on Tuesday evening. ‘s analyst ESPN highlights the attacking midfielder as the weakest link in the build-up game of the Eindhoven players, who achieved a 1-1 draw at AS Monaco. “Til has other qualities, we have to keep calling that, but this will always remain a problem, because he doesn’t get much better at that,” concludes Perez.

Til clearly fell out of tune at PSV with constant loss of ball, Perez says in the studio of ESPN see through images. Ruud van Nistelrooij (without mentioning Til) also mentions the mistakes in the build-up as a pain point at PSV. “It was certainly not easy for us, especially not at the end,” said the trainer in front of the camera of ESPN. “We had a hard time coming out and were sloppy on the ball ourselves. Then you don’t get into your game well. Fortunately, we scored the goal (via Joey Veerman, ed.). We also did not come up with good attacks in the second half and they also put quite a lot of pressure on us. We had trouble with that.”

Perez responds to the interview with Van Nistelrooij. “You hear him say that they could not get rest in possession of the ball. But that is not surprising with what Van Nistelrooij has,” said the Dane, who means the occupation in midfield. “The problem was, of course, Til. He was the free man and it just stops there. That’s just the way he plays football, so you will encounter that more often, that will always remain a problem. That is the consequence of drafting him, but you get Also other things back. If you really want football, then maybe you should look for another type.” PSV, for example, has Xavi Simons at their disposal, but Van Nistelrooij pushed Veerman forward to the number 10 position in the second half.

According to Perez, that did not turn out great. “I think Veerman is better a little more back, so that he can give those passes himself. At 10 you depend on the balls just behind it. If they don’t come just in time, you have to search a bit. Veerman is crucial on the midfield to get some football in. Ibrahim Sangaré is pretty good on the ball, sometimes kamikaze, but pretty good, only with Til it stops. That’s a shame, but that won’t be a surprise? You train with him every day .”