Thursday, September 28, 2023 at 4:00 PM• Jonathan van Haaster

Getafe is completely done with the ridicule that it receives during almost every LaLiga match. The club has been the target of flute concerts and insulting chants in recent weeks. The reason for this is the recruitment of the controversial Mason Greenwood, while also the playing style of the Geta Azulones is certainly not appreciated by their fellow competitors. The direct reason for Getafe’s statement is the red card that coach José Bordalás received on Wednesday evening.

During the away match against Athletic Club (2-2), Bordalás was sent off just before the end after a fight with Athletic striker Iñaki Williams. In injury time, Athletic went full hunt for victory, after having to concede the equalizer moments before. However, the Basques were hampered by a Getafe player who came in from outside the field for injury treatment. It led to anger at Athletic, after which Bordalás entered the field and, after a scuffle with Williams, placed his index finger in front of his mouth to silence the angry striker. Bordalás then received a red card. The trainer stated afterwards that he thought his red card was unjustified and that Williams’ words were out of all proportion.

Williams himself said that he was not a fan of Getafe’s playing style. “It’s legal, but most people don’t like it.” During the broadcast of the program El Chiringuito called in Williams’ agent, Felix Tainta, to claim Bordalás is a liar and express his anger at Getafe’s play. “Is it legal if one of your players stands three meters outside the field and then you send him into the field? Is that legal? I don’t know. It’s cheating and has nothing to do with sportsmanship. I know Bordalás. I stand will not allow Williams’ name to be thrown around. Bordalás was lying and he knows it. He wants to polish his image and shift attention. Who is he to tell Williams to keep his mouth shut? Iñaki is an exemplary person, something which is still questionable for Bordalás.”

Statement Getafe
Getafe naturally stands up for Bordalás. “Getafe would like to express its total disapproval of the derogatory and intolerant songs and insults of particular severity that repeatedly occur during LaLiga matches,” the club opens its statement. “They damage the image and morale of our players and coaches. The offensive songs have been removed from any civil context. From a sporting point of view, we respect that form of freedom of expression, but NOT when there are derogatory swear words, insults and lack of respect to the members of Getafe’s staff and technical staff.”

“Getafe’s players and coaches participate in this show as professionals at the highest level and are aware of the media exposure that takes place when you represent the best league in the world. But beyond that, they are people with feelings, who have family and friends who suffer with them and deserve the respect we ask for. These things damage the image of our club, the league and our professionals who are part of it. Getafe is known for ALWAYS targeting organizations, opponents and other members of the football world “But, given the seriousness of the facts, the time has come to make our voices heard and defend the honor of our players and coaches.”