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The various European top competitions are approaching their denouement. Don’t miss anything of the title fight from abroad and watch the Eredivisie, Premier League and LaLiga with a VPN from Private Internet Access (PIA).

What is a VPN
A Virtual Private Network is a secure connection between your computer/smartphone and the internet. An extra server is placed between your device and the internet with which all data is encrypted. This way no one can watch your surfing behavior and hackers are kept out. This makes surfing the internet a lot safer. In addition, a VPN also gives you access to your favorite websites and online services abroad.

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Watch Dutch broadcasts from abroad
Your favorite sports channels are not always available abroad. In several countries, especially outside the European Union, the broadcast is blocked by a ‘geoblock’. This geographic block deprives you of the chance to see your team live in action. By using a VPN connection, you can also watch sports matches from abroad via your subscription. Take advantage of the promotion now and receive an exclusive discount of up to 83%.
– Buy and download the VPN from PIA
– Connect to the Dutch server
– Go to your favorite channel
– Watch sports matches from abroad!

Why choose PIA?
The range of VPNs is large, but not always reliable. PIA is a trusted provider of VPNs in the Netherlands, so you can use the internet safely because the data traffic is secured. With PIA’s VPN you have direct access to servers in more than 83 countries and you can watch all sports matches in one place. PIA now has an exclusive promotion when you take out a VPN subscription now.

Unlimited viewing of your favorite sport
With PIA’s VPN you can connect an unlimited number of devices to one subscription. This means that you can all watch sports undisturbed from abroad! Take advantage of the exclusive discount now and watch your favorite athletes live from your holiday address.

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