Sherida Spitse could not hold back her tears on Tuesday evening after reaching the quarter-finals in the UEFA Women's Champions League with the Ajax Women. The 33-year-old captain played a major role in the 2-1 win over AS Roma, as her corner in the final phase was headed into the Italians' own goal.

“It's bizarre and beautiful. I'm proud,” Spitse responded immediately after reaching the quarter-finals in conversation with the NOS. “And once in the last eight, being Ajax. Yes, that is fantastic.”

Reporter Rivkah op het Veld notes that the victory means a lot to Spitse. “This is what I live for,” the veteran answers with tears in her eyes. “I don't want this at all, but yes, this is emotion. Happy emotion, everything comes out. We are not ready yet, but we have to enjoy this. But this is beautiful, very beautiful.”

“This has happened before (the tears, ed.), but maybe because I'm getting older. That could be,” Spitse tries to explain her emotions. “But what I say: this is what I live for and do everything for. I came here to win trophies with this beautiful club. We succeeded. But also to play the Champions League. And we succeeded.”

“But also how we do it. I am extremely proud of that. But not only of this team, but also of the people who have all worked hard for us to be here now. They have played football, they have been on the staff “We must never forget that.”

“I think that's great and you do that together. We are now on the field and I think that's great. But you should never forget other people,” emphasizes the grateful Spitse.

Finally, Spitse hands out compliments to her teammates. “Young, talented, eager to learn, they listen. They also want to get better and have a lot of talent. I can almost be the mother of some players. But I try to teach them what I can teach. My winning mentality and passion for football.”

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