There is a melancholy feeling about FC Volendam. After Vitesse's victory at Excelsior (1-2) and the hopeless defeat of The Other the Dutch at home against SC Heerenveen (0-4), it is now the lone bearer of the red lantern.

With thirteen points, Regillio Simons' team is firmly at the bottom of the Eredivisie. Vitesse is the closest competitor with sixteen points, while RKC as number sixteen has collected eighteen points so far.

After the winter break, the last team was unable to win yet. Two points were collected, one against Vitesse (1-1) and one at Heracles (1-1). The other matches were all lost.

And those statistics offer little hope. After the shocking defeat against SC Heerenveen, Robert Mühren was completely empty in front of the media channels of the NOS and ESPN.

“We lack qualities,” says the striker. “Of course we go into that match with good courage, but the moment we give away space and do not keep agreements, we are simply punished mercilessly.”

The reporter of the NOS wants to know where things go wrong for the Volendam residents. “Do you have a moment?”, Mühren responds with some sense of humor, to expose the problems in a more serious manner.

“With the first goal, Thom Haye gets the ball freely, while we had agreed that Haye should not be released to the goal. It also happens with the third and fourth goals. It makes you despondent.”

“Preventing relegation this way will not work,” is his painful conclusion ESPN. “It's still a bit strange to say, because the gap is still only five points. As long as we don't have that asterisk after our name, there is still a chance. However, I don't see many leads in this way.”

“It really sucks,” Mühren summarizes Sunday. He mainly feels sorry for the fans, because Volendam has not yet scored many points in its own stadium. “Is it fun to be a football player on such a day? Of course we're disappointed now, but it's still a fun game,” he concludes with a smile.

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