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The internationals of the Dutch national team may boycott SBS again, as Valentijn Driessen reports. Today Inside. The reason would be a 'too negative and too critical' interview by Noa Vahle with Georginio Wijnaldum.

“Wilfred, I want to tell you something disturbing,” Driessen mentions the subject. “I was with the Dutch national team and there I saw a great interview between Noa and Wijnaldum. And now she is in danger of being punished for that,” said the football chief of The Telegraph.

Wijnaldum on criticism of Saudi Arabia: 'In the Netherlands there is the benefits affair'

Read the interview that Noa Vahle had with Georginio Wijnaldum here.Read article

“The Dutch national team is playing with the idea of ​​boycotting Noa and Hélène,” Driessen continues. “But it was a great interview. I stood next to Jeroen Stekelenburg and Pascal Kamperman, but they did not get to it. She (Noa, ed.) asked exactly the questions she had to ask.”

“Stekelenburg remained a bit in the middle, as he is often in the middle. Kamperman did not bring it up at all. He only talked about his form in Saudi Arabia. Completely irrelevant. Noa asked the right questions.”

Driessen's words lead to a shock reaction in the studio. “What? No!”, said Merel Ek, who was also present at the talk show. Wilfred Genee can hardly believe it either. “Is this serious or?”

“They have been too critical and negative,” adds René van der Gijp. “Talpa will not get the Dutch national team's farewell match (against Iceland, ed.) either. They have been too negative and too critical.”

Johan Derksen concludes that this is 'good news'. “There is nothing more annoying than asking those football players something. There is not one football player who has anything nice to say. Let them have fun!”

“Those brats play for the Dutch team, they represent the Netherlands. Then there is a girl who asks relevant questions on behalf of all Dutch people, then the KNVB must say that they cannot play in the Dutch national team if they do not want to speak to the press?”

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