Liverpool won the Carabao Cup on Sunday. Jürgen Klopp and his team defeated Chelsea and he did so with a badly battered team. Virgil van Dijk crowned himself a hero by heading in the winning 0-1 in minute 118. This is what the media in England write about the match.

Klopp described the prize as the 'most special' he has won in his coaching career. And he had his reasons for that. The infirmary in Liverpool is so full that the German coach had to rely on the youth.

In the final, Bobby Clark (19), James McConnell (19), Jayden Danns (18) and Jarell Quansah (21) all came on for the Reds. Conor Bradley (20) and reserve goalkeeper Caomin Kelleher (25) took the kick-off.

It is not without reason that Gary Neville made the headlines in many places in England with a special quote. “Jurgen Klopp's kids beat Chelsea's billion-pound bottlejobs†said the analyst.

Loosely translated: the very youthful Liverpool won against the forsaking, very expensive Chelsea team. Of course referring to the disproportionate amounts of money that Chelsea have thrown in the past few transfer windows. “You can lose a game but you can't show yourself like that when Liverpool have five kids on the pitch,” criticizes Neville the Blues.

Sky Sports rates Van Dijk's performance with a 9. “A masterclass. A monster,” writes the medium. “He stood up together with Kelleher. He didn't put a foot wrong.” DailyMail gives the captain the same grade. “An unparalleled performance.â€

The newspapers are strict about Chelsea's actions. “Chelsea waste their chance and show once again what a strange team they are,” headlines theGuardianwho pays a big compliment to Klopp's youngsters.

“His fearless youngsters are Klopp's greatest legacy. He has built a machine in which winning is so normal that all parts are replaceable, even if those parts are replaced by children.â€

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