Cedric van der Gun is critical of Matthijs de Ligt. According to the analyst, the defender could have done more with Karim Adeyemi's opening goal, which was put away by Julian Brandt in the initial phase and scored from close range. Bayern Munich ultimately lost 0-2 to Borussia Dortmund and can put their title aspirations on hold.

“The loss of ball beforehand is where things really go wrong,” Van der Gun opens his analysis Viaplay. “But Matthijs de Ligt is of course also there to correct. And then I wonder when the ball is given… Then De Ligt holds back.”

“And since Eric Dier is also there, he can also pick up the man on the ball, Brandt,” the former midfielder further points out the mistakes at the back at Bayern. “Then De Ligt has only one task and that is to ensure that Adeyemi does not sprint away from him.”

“Then I think to myself: Just start sprinting sooner! And just let Adeyemi be played in the feet, but they are afraid of that at Bayern. That actually gives the rest of the team the opportunity to switch back. And then Adeyemi may only have to make an action against De Ligt.”

“This is decisive that it will ultimately be a goal,” Van der Gun once again makes it clear that De Ligt could have assessed the situation better. “If he just sprints, it will be a lot more difficult for Dortmund.

“Now De Ligt is holding back, while you know that Adeyemi is really very fast. As a defender, you still have to get going, while he is already at full speed. Then you can no longer overtake him,” Van der Gun concludes his analysis.

Painful loss

Dortmund made it 0-2 in the Allianz Arena ten minutes on time through Julian Ryerson. Harry Kane seemed to score the tying goal, but his striking header was canceled for offside after a VAR check.

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