Thursday, May 25, 2023 at 4:20 PM• Noel Korteweg

Jose Mourinho has the least feeling at Tottenham Hotspur of all the clubs he has worked for. That is what the AS Roma coach tells Thursday at the press conference prior to Saturday night’s match against Fiorentina. “For someone with my history and career, it is strange that it turned out this way,” said the Portuguese about his time with the Londoners.

During his career, Mourinho was successively at the helm of FC Porto, Chelsea, Internazionale, Real Madrid, Chelsea again, Manchester United, Tottenham and now Roma. The Special One won prizes everywhere he went, but at the Spurs that didn’t work. Mourinho was ultimately responsible for the Londoners for 86 games, but does not necessarily look back on his time there with a good feeling.

The Portuguese is asked at the Roma press conference about his relationship with the supporters of the Italians. “I hope my words are not misinterpreted by the Tottenham fans, but the club I feel the least about is Tottenham. This is mainly because the stadium was empty due to the corona pandemic and Daniel Levy took the EFL Cup final from me (Mourinho was fired a few days before the final battle, ed.).” The game at Wembley against Manchester City, with interim manager Ryan Mason at the helm, was lost 1-0.

“I have no regrets and no bad feelings,” Mourinho explained. “There are a lot of nice people working at Tottenham who I wish the very best, even Mr Levy. But for someone with my history and career, it’s strange that things turned out this way. In the end it opened the door to Roma and I am very happy to be here.” The trainer felt ‘a very strong connection’ with other clubs. “I always give everything, as the supporters can see every day. I am a Roma fan, a Real fan, an Inter fan… I will always give everything for Roma, as I have done for all the other clubs.”