Mostafa Mohamed refuses to play against AS Monaco this weekend, it is reported Ouest-France. FC Nantes, the Egyptian's employer, is playing this weekend with a message against homophobia on the shirt and the attacker refuses to wear that uniform.

Ouest-France reports that Mohamed is not in the selection of Nantes, which will face Monaco on Sunday. Mohamed is not injured and Nantes did not want to make any official announcements earlier in the day about the striker's absence from the selection.

Ouest-France However, he knows the ins and outs and mentions Nantes' league match against Toulouse last year. Nantes also played with a message against homophobia on the shirt, which was reason enough for Mohamed not to participate in the crucial match against relegation.

Two hours before the kick-off against Toulouse, he withdrew from the match selection because he did not want to be associated with the message on the shirt. Rainbow patterns were also incorporated into the jersey numbers on the shirt. The 26-year-old Egyptian was eventually fined by Nantes.

Later, Mohamed reported to X. “I respect all differences. I respect all beliefs and beliefs. This respect extends to others, but my personal beliefs must also be respected,” he wrote.

“Given my roots, my culture, the importance of my beliefs and beliefs, it was not possible for me to participate in this campaign. I hope my decision will be respected.”

This Sunday, the final round of matches in Ligue 1 will once again be all about combating homophobia. Ligue 1 already feared player withdrawals and has therefore decided to wear badges with those colors instead of rainbow numbers.

In addition, the Ligue 1 logo will also be seen on the shirts in rainbow colors and the word 'homophobia' on the badge will be crossed out in red. Despite the adjustments made, which followed discussions with Ligue 1 players, Mohamed will not participate in Nantes' final game of the season. Nantes is four points above the finish line and is therefore already safe.

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