The analysts of ESPN are shocked by the level of Borna Sosa against Aston Villa. Ajax's Croat played a horrible match and took the 4-0 from the English personally to his own credit. Afterwards Sosa was put through the wringer.

Sosa was in a nightmare for 90 minutes. The left wing defender gave a bad cross halfway through the first half and was then responsible for a dangerous situation on the other side of the field.

The Croatian lost the ball a lot, was sloppy in the final pass and had a hard time in the one-on-one with Leon Bailey. With Moussa Diaby's 4-0, the left back made a completely unnecessary sliding, after which the winger enjoyed a free passage.

“Sosa also played well, pff,” Perez begins Studio Europe. Marciano Vink responds to this. “If you keep up Sosa's pace, you will never get a hamstring injury. It goes at a pace… He makes a mistake and his opponent (Moussa Diaby, ed.) is fifteen meters away from him within three seconds.”

“He can play six games, while others run into injuries because they feel like they're in danger,” Vink continues. “Against Utrecht and Go Ahead you see them as a team, then you get the feeling that they can still compete with each other. But this didn't make any sense.”

Perez is especially surprised that it comes as a surprise to the rest. “We're not seeing Ajax play football for the first time this year, are we? It seems like it's a surprise every time. In the first half Ajax kept it together reasonably, but they had no weapons to hurt Aston Villa.”

The score eventually rose to 4-0 for Aston Villa. Sivert Mannsverk was sent off the field with an indirect red card after more than an hour of play. Ahmetcan Kaplan, Josip Sutalo and Devyne Rensch had to leave the fight early with various injuries.

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