Wednesday, May 24, 2023 at 5:59 PM• Jeroen van Poppel • Last update: 18:07

Ángel Di María and his wife Jorgelina Cardoso lost their control on social media on Wednesday. The Juventus Argentine striker and his partner hit back at frustrated supporters on Instagram. Di María did not accept being called ‘a mercenary who doesn’t care about Juventus’, like compatriot Leandro Paredes.

Juventus sees the entire season fall apart in the final phase. La Vecchia Signora lost to Seville in the semi-finals of the Europa League and suddenly fell outside the top four of the Serie A on Monday by ten points. The club received that punishment because of messing with the accounting during the corona crisis. To top it all off, Juventus then lost 4-1 at Empoli. Juventus is two games before the end of seventh, a place that does not even entitle to Conference League.

The reaction of Di María and Jorgelina Cardoso

A Juventus supporter made no secret of his frustrations, calling Di María “a mercenary who doesn’t care about Juventus.” “The one who doesn’t deserve the shirt is you,” Di María grumbled in a now-deleted comment. “The team and the players are united one hundred percent, until the end. What you do is show that you are only for Juventus in good times and not in bad. I send you a big greeting. I am strong until the end, not you.”

Jorgelina Cardoso also couldn’t resist defending her partner on Instagram. “He’s not the one who prepares the team, he’s not the coach, he’s not the one who prefers to play in the back,” said Di María’s wife. “Shut up. Are you crazy or do you get paid for it?” Cardoso’s reaction was also quickly removed.