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Footballers and other athletes are more active than ever on social media in 2021. Top players such as Memphis Depay, Cristiano Ronaldo and Zlatan Ibrahimovic give a glimpse into their (private) lives almost daily via Instagram, Twitter or other internet channels. Football zone put the craziest, most beautiful and most striking posts on social media in the VZ Social section.

Mason Greenwood was asked in an interview with Manchester United’s club channel on Wednesday who is the toughest opponent he has ever faced. The nineteen-year-old attacker opted for a Fulham defender, who were relegated from the Premier League last season. “This may be a surprising answer, but you know Joe Bryan, who plays for Fulham? He gave me no space and no time on the ball in the home and away games. It was one of my hardest duels for Manchester United.” The interview was posted on Instagram by sports account SPORTbible and came to the attention of Bryan himself, who gets the laughs on the hand with his response: “What was he drinking then?”


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