Thursday, May 18, 2023 at 11:13 PM• Mart van Mourik • Last update: 23:18

Supporters of AZ cause a lot of unrest immediately after the lost semi-final in the Conference League. According to commentator Wytse van der Goot, AZ supporters attack family members and acquaintances of West Ham United players after the final whistle. The Mobile Unit must act to calm things down. Tomás Soucek, among others, seems to intervene and hand out blows to the Alkmaar fans.

At the time of the attack, the director does not show any images, but Van der Goot explains Veroinca what he gets to see from his commentator position. “People are still anxiously looking at the corner, where it gets restless for a while. The frustrations come out there. It now really ends with unrest in the stands. Cheering West Ham fans are attacked by AZ supporters. Everything is happening right now.”

“West Ham players are now also getting involved, because relatives of those players may now be attacked,” the commentator continues. “These are very, very, very nasty scenes in Alkmaar: a massive brawl. Players and staff see people they know being targeted. A very end. This is very ugly. The ME is now entering the field… It is unbelievable what is happening here.”

“It is getting a bit restless here and there. That is why the West Ham players are now also going in the other direction”, sees ESPNcommentator Mark van Rijswijk at the same time. “A sad end to what is a wonderful evening. It is very restless there. Let’s hope that what has been a wonderful European adventure for AZ does not end this way. Let the elimination be worthy. Because it was a wonderful European adventure full of highlights.”


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