Thursday, November 24, 2022 at 11:56 am• Wessel Antes • Last update: 12:04

Cristiano Ronaldo, who will make his appearance with Portugal against Ghana on Thursday afternoon, can go wherever he wants after the World Cup on a free transfer. Manchester United announced on Tuesday that his contract has been terminated. According to The Telegraph the 37-year-old attacker is about to receive a lucrative offer from Saudi Arabia. Last summer, Ronaldo did not accept a mega offer from the Middle East, but the wealthy sheikhs are not giving up on his arrival. Reports are now seeping through from the Turkish media that Galatasaray will not make an attempt for the superstar.

During a difficult transfer summer, Ronaldo was able to resist the temptation to turn down a bizarre offer (290 million euros for two seasons) from Al-Hilal. The Saudis want to bring the global star to the Saudi Pro League at all costs as the face of the bid for the organization of the World Cup in 2030. Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Greece then want to organize the prestigious final tournament together.

The sheikhs think that the fascinating World Cup stunt against Argentina (1-2 win) could influence Ronaldo before his arrival in the Middle East. No less than nine of Saudi Arabia’s basic players are under contract with Al-Hilal. However, the World Cup can also have a different influence on Ronaldo’s future choice: in the much-discussed interview with journalist Piers Morgan, the Portuguese himself indicated that he would hang up his shoes when his country takes off with the final victory in Qatar.

Galatasaray fans have been urging their chairman Dursun Özbek in recent weeks to bring Ronaldo to Turkey. The influential Turk has already announced that the goal thief will not come to Istanbul. “Cristiano Ronaldo is not in our plans.” On Wednesday evening, the Portuguese linked A bola the name of Ronaldo fiercely at Paris Saint-Germain. Where his future actually lies will have to be seen in the coming months. It is currently quiet around his former employer Sporting CP, which was previously mentioned several times as a candidate.


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