The Real Madrid player bus was involved in an accident on the German highway on Monday. The selection of the Royal was on his way to Leipzig, where the Champions League match against RB Leipzig is scheduled for Tuesday, when a collision with a passenger car followed. Everyone involved escaped unscathed.

Due to the strikes in Germany, Real Madrid were unable to fly to Leipzig airport. Instead, they moved to Erfurt. As a result, a bus journey of 160 kilometers to Leipzig had to be made.

The accident happened on the highway between Eichelborn and Nohra. The Real Madrid team bus was overlooked by the driver of a white Toyota Avensis while changing lanes, causing a collision.

“It was a supporter who was filming our team bus,” a Real Madrid spokesperson said Marca.

“He suddenly lost control and collided with us.” In the end the accident wasn't too bad. “Fortunately, the people on the bus did not notice the collision.”

The exterior mirror of the passenger car broke off. The Toyota reportedly suffered a total of 3,000 euros in damage, it was reported BILD.

The bus of the Spanish top club was also damaged, but the selection was able to complete its journey without major problems. The amount of damage to the players bus is still unclear. Real coach Carlo Ancelotti said at the press conference that everyone was unharmed.

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