Saturday, May 14, 2022 at 09:58• Tom Rofekamp • Last update: 10:12

The charges against Quincy Promes are mounting. The attacker of Spartak Moscow, who is already suspected of attempted murder of his cousin, has now been found, according to sources of news hour also suspected of smuggling synthetic drugs into Australia and domestic violence. The evidence comes alongside Promes’ phone – which has already been tapped – of encrypted messages intercepted by the police.

Due to his involvement in drug trafficking, the attacker’s phone has already been tapped. As a result, police discovered a confession from Promes that he stabbed his cousin in July 2020, it revealed news hour last month. Promes still denies the stabbing.

The file of the former player of Ajax and FC Twente, among others, also shows that he has done everything he can to stay out of the hands of the judiciary. It turns out that two friends of Promes visited his cousin in late 2020. They would have offered the victim 20,000 euros if he signed a statement in which he promised to withdraw the complaint against the attacker. One of the two has since been sentenced to four years in prison for a cocaine case in Antwerp.

The sources of news hour We also know that the KNVB was aware of the Promes case at the time of the European Championship 2021. Former national coach Frank de Boer took the much-discussed
attacker then ‘just’ left his roster and gave him playing time against North Macedonia and the Czech Republic. The KNVB itself denies that it was already aware of the suspicions against Promes at the time. The Public Prosecution Service (OM) says that ‘the idea has been discussed internally’ to approach the football association, but that it has never been ‘seriously considered’.


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