Friday, November 25, 2022 at 09:37• Tom Rofekamp • Last update: 11:04

Kenneth Perez occasionally feasted on Mohammed Kudus’ performance against Portugal (3-2 loss) on Thursday. The Danish analyst almost swoons when colleague Kees Kwakman adds WK Talk has about the technical qualities of Kudus. However, Perez thinks that the Ajax player lacks certain skills to be able to successfully render at number 10. He therefore has some striking advice for Alfred Schreuder.

Presenter Jan Joost van Gangelen asks Kwakman about Kudus’ actions against the Portuguese. “Kudus didn’t start very well”, the former defender starts. “He lost the ball a few times – also with Ronaldo’s chance, although that was not really a nice ball either. But then you saw a few times in the crowd how technical he actually is. Also a bit of what those Spaniards have .” Perez can’t hold back and cackles through, “Oh, what a talent, what a talent!”

However, the former midfielder disagrees with his colleague about Kudus’ ideal position. Schreuder alternates with him at Ajax as number 10 and striker. Kwakman would go for the former position. “Because, when he is under pressure, he can play someone out and ask for the ball with his back to goal. If you have someone like that in midfield, it is worth gold,” said the analyst.

Perez has a different take on the situation. “I don’t think he’s good enough to put pressure on for such a position. I think he should be more on the right side,” the Dane shares. Kwakman counters: “He’s gotten a lot better at that, hasn’t he?” “Yes”, Perez responds, “but a Davy Klaassen or Sébastien Haller – that’s worth gold with the pressure. It’s about the head. He’s too unpredictable, that’s why I also say the right side. Like Ziyech, who was also not quite in the middle. On the side you don’t have such a responsibility for putting pressure and things like that. But that he is an unparalleled talent…”, Perez concludes with a hymn.