Monday, December 20, 2021 at 2:20 PM• Jordi Tomasowa • Last update: 14:25

Leonardo doesn’t understand why Lionel Messi is getting so much criticism at Paris Saint-Germain. Critics accuse the Argentinian that he regularly walks when PSG loses the ball. However, the technical director of the French superpower is now jumping in the gap for Messi. “People who criticize Messi don’t understand football,” said Leonardo.

“For me, Messi is indisputable,” Leonardo said in an extensive interview with Europe1. The Argentine international came over to PSG on a free transfer last summer, but has not yet been able to show his best form in the Parc des Princes. He has so far scored six goals and five assists in 15 games. There are rumors that Messi has adapted enough to Ligue 1, but Leonardo is now standing up for him. “People who criticize him don’t understand football.”

The alleged lack of effort without the ball has also been a point of contention this season. Critics accuse the Argentinian that he regularly walks when PSG loses the ball. However, Leonardo claims that Messi has always played the same way and he sees no reason to change this. “Who says he has to run 12 kilometers every race? Messi has been playing like this for 20 years. Messi can adapt because he is a genius and the other geniuses have to adapt to him. But even someone like Idrissa Gueye, who runs 15 kilometers per race, sometimes walks,” added Leonardo.

“If you look at Messi’s numbers, his first six months are incredible,” the technical director continues. “He and Kylian Mbappe have been involved in almost every goal. He is decisive and decisive. We didn’t hire Messi to put on a show every time. We are of course more competitive with him. He can decide every game.” The Argentinian was given rest on Monday evening, when PSG took on fifth divisionist Feignies-Aulnoye (0-3 win) in the Coupe de France. On Wednesday, the league-leader of the Ligue 1 awaits a home match against Lorient.


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