Tuesday, January 24, 2023 at 9:44 PM• Jeroen van Poppel • Last update: 21:50

Ruud van Nistelrooij puts his hand in his own bosom after the painful defeat at FC Emmen (1-0). The PSV trainer takes responsibility for the poor results, which he believes should be better despite the difficult circumstances. “We have to achieve better results with these players”, says the PSV coach. “I was not able to get enough out of my team in terms of results.”

PSV came to visit Emmen early on Tuesday due to a goal by Lucas Bernadou and lost Mauro Júnior due to a red card just before the break. PSV did not come back in numbers. “It’s painful,” says Van Nistelrooij ESPN. “That is clear. After a number of lesser results, we won against Vitesse (1-0, ed.), then of course you want to continue that. I must say that we are not doing ourselves a great favor in the first half by taking chances in the beginning to miss.” Johan Bakayoko messed up the biggest of them after fifteen minutes with a roller in his hands at Mickey van der Hart.

Emmen made it difficult for PSV at De Oude Meerdijk. “I must admit that Emmen then had a phase in which it was difficult for us to get a grip on it, although that did not really provide many opportunities. Then you are behind with ten men and 1-0 at halftime, then you know that it is a very difficult night is going to be.” PSV came close in the second half. “If you then see how we perform in the second half, then there is spirit and fighting spirit in the team and you can at least draw. That does not happen, then everything is for nothing. If you come with ten men, it is often so that everyone will do just a little more. If we play like this with eleven, then I see it differently. “

The term sporting crisis is used in Eindhoven. “I think it is a crisis. There is no other word for it. There is of course something going on at PSV if the results are what they are,” says Van Nistelrooij. “Then it doesn’t go well. Then it goes bad. Then you have to stand up as a top club. Then you have to keep fighting and above all stick to your principles. The coming week will be another bad week, because as a top club you are in heavy weather. “


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