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Low Risk Betting Strategy - Membership Ending Soon

Looking for a new, low risk, high rewarding, betting strategy for the 2017/18 season? If so, look no further than Blooter It’s ground breaking treble busting football strategy!


This strategy takes advantage of Betfairs new industry leading Acca Edge insurance option.


We have done the research, we have done the analysis and yes, we have lost some money along the way but all with the ultimate goal in mind – to finesse and deliver a sustainable betting strategy that delivers short, medium and long term profits for ourselves and our fellow members and guess what? It’s time to deliver!

Here are some top level details as to how this effective but yet simple strategy works.

This low risk betting strategy involves placing multiple treble football bets with Betfair, taking advantage of their unique Accumulator Edge insurance option. Like the Accumulator insurance option available at other popular bookmakers, this one is unique in the sense the option is available for trebles and upwards, whereas the Acca insurance at other bookmakers doesn’t kick in until 5 teams have been selected.

Acca Insurance

If you don’t know what Acca insurance is its simple to explain. Basically, if you pick a 5 team accumulator (or more) and one team lets you down your bookmaker will return your original stake as a free bet.

Acca Edge

The Acca Edge insurance with Betfair works on the same principle although the option is available when 3 teams are selected and if one team lets us down 100% stake is paid back.

Sounds great eh? The odds are finally in our favour!

Here is how it works.

Every day, we perform detailed research into picking the football teams that will deliver the goods while having attractive odds. The winning teams along with our research and analysis into why they were picked will then be sent out to our members. Our members then place the bets and reap the rewards. It’s that simple!


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