Monday, November 20, 2023 at 9:11 PM• Noel Korteweg • Last update: 21:22

Wout Weghorst’s interview with the NOS after the won match against Ireland (1-0) on Saturday evening has already been extensively discussed in the media. René van der Gijp and Wim Kieft appear in the podcast KieftJansenEgmondGijp also have their say about the behavior of the only goalscorer of the match in the Johan Cruijff ArenA.

“A Weghorst like that demands to be fooled,” Kieft starts. “I would love it if I were playing in a team and I heard someone singing along loudly during the national anthem and seeing them keep their hand on that lion on their chest.”

“Everyone now has an opinion about Weghorst,” adds Van der Gijp. “But isn’t Weghorst just a crazy guy? But you have all of them in the group, right? Just a fool.”

“Just a fool that you can laugh at and be amazed by, but about which you all say very quietly to each other: ‘That’s wrong’,” Gijp bursts out laughing.

“There’s a screw loose, yes,” Kieft says, laughing. “But what I find funny is that he just continues with it. So it really is him. So he really just gets a little confused every now and then. And of course it’s also great when you’re wired like that and suddenly become somewhat important. Then of course you transcend the earth, that is almost impossible.”

“Good, eh Wim? I think it’s really good,” continues his colleague at the table. “We also thought Hans van Breukelen was a strange guy. “If we played five against two and he stood in the middle of the rondo for a little too long – which was not surprising because he couldn’t play football – then he was able to kick you and break your leg,” Van der Gijp remembers. from his playing career.

“So you really had to be careful. If he made another sliding slide that sent someone flying three meters into the air, we would also say: ‘That’s not quite right.’ Of course you also have that with a Weghorst.”