Tuesday, May 4, 2021 at 10:07 AM• Rian Rosendaal

Ryan Gravenberch has to stay with Ajax for at least another year, his father judges. Ryan Gravenberch senior is of the opinion that the only eighteen-year-old midfielder must first perform stable for an entire season before he starts thinking about a transfer to a European top competition. Gravenberch junior has to take a few more steps, especially in the mental area, is the verdict.

“He has to take that last step at Ajax. It just has to and he hasn’t done that yet. I want him to come to full maturity at Ajax, so as far as I am concerned, he just stays with Ajax”, Gravenberch gets his advice father talking to Ajax Showtime. “He has only played one full season now and that was of course quite good, but next season he will have to play even better. Then he really has to be one of the supporting players, despite his age, especially if he has played the European Championship.” Gravenberch will hear later this month whether he will be included in the final European Championship selection by national coach Frank de Boer.

According to Gravenberch senior, his son also has to grow in the hierarchy of the Ajax dressing room. As far as he is concerned, playing badly for a long time is no longer possible. “Next season he will not get away with it in the dressing room anymore if he plays poorly several games in a row. I really think he should take one more step at Ajax first. He should climb in the hierarchy and go more for himself within the selection. come up. ” The father of the young Ajax player is not going to push him extra.

“That makes no sense for Ryan. But he also realizes it. He also thinks that it is best for him now to stay with Ajax. In my heart, and also in Ryan’s, he is still developing first. continue at Ajax before he takes a step higher. ” Gravenberch, in the recent past linked to Juventus and Liverpool, among others, has a contract with Ajax until mid-2023. The midfielder recently indicated himself that he simply wants to stay in Amsterdam. “I really want to stay at Ajax. I have to develop even more. If I’m ready, then I’m ready, but not yet”, that’s how it sounded after the cup final won against Vitesse. ESPN.


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