Monday, September 18, 2023 at 8:12 PM• Mart van Mourik • Last update: 20:18

Wim Kieft is not happy with Steven Bergwijn’s attitude. In the podcast KiefstJansenEgmondGijp the analyst says that he is very surprised by the interview of the Ajax attacker, who threw his own teammates under the bus after the loss against FC Twente (3-1) without naming names.

“I haven’t seen a single player who can play football,” Kieft judges about the Ajax selection. “And then you also see that a boy like Bergwijn is captain. How can he be captain? In the end, that selection was only together for two weeks, and there was also an international break in between. Then Steijn and Bergwijn start shouting that there is something wrong with the bet, but those guys have no idea what to do. On the one hand, they are not good football players; on the other hand, they don’t even know how Ajax wants to play football.”

After the match, Bergwijn complained about the lack of commitment and passion among his teammates, and pointed to ‘new players’, among other things. Kieft doesn’t understand the criticism at all. “Then Bergwijn will also shout after the match that he is done with it and wants to see passion. But he doesn’t hit a ball himself, man! It was bought for so much money! But you’re not going to embarrass those boys and drop them. The big pushback has started at Ajax,” said the former striker.

René van der Gijp fully agrees with Kieft. “I haven’t even seen a player who can play a little football. Being able to play football means that you see that the ball goes wrong, but that he had the intention to reach a fellow player. But Mannsverk! What is that now? What is that, Mannsverk? Has he played football somewhere before?” Van der Gijp laughs.