Friday, September 15, 2023 at 8:00 PM• Bart DHanis

Valentijn Driessen is critical of the performance of Marc Overmars, he said in Kick Offthe football podcast of The Telegraph. Royal Antwerp FC forgot to register left back Sam Vines for the club’s Champions League matches, something that Overmars also did with Sébastien Haller at Ajax.

The news was a stroke of luck for Owen Wijndal, who is included in the player list the Great Old. The left back comes over on loan from Ajax and therefore has one less competitor in the battle for a starting spot in the billion-dollar ball. “It is fortunate for Wijndal, because there are no competitors left to play him out of the team. He will now play against FC Barcelona, ​​he would never have dared to imagine that at Ajax,” said the football chief The Telegraph.

Antwerp’s administrative error is attributed by Driessen to Overmars. “The team manager checks the boxes, but of course the technical director is ultimately responsible for the registrations. Overmars was at Ajax at the time and is now at Antwerp again. It’s not very smart of him. He clearly learned little from it.”

Saudi Arabia
Last Friday, Belgian journalist Sascha Tavolieri came up with the scoop that Overmars and Antwerp coach Mark van Bommel can move together to the Saudi Arabian Al-Shabab FC. However, Driessen does not think that the two Dutchmen are sensitive to big money from the Middle East. “I think they will remain loyal to Antwerp. That club has given them both the opportunity to return to football. If they can go to Saudi Arabia now, they will probably still be able to do so next year.”


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