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Raemon Sluiter is not interested in the position of team manager at Feyenoord, the former tennis player said on Twitter on Monday evening. The current team manager of the team from Rotterdam, Bas van Noortwijk, announced earlier that he will leave the position at the end of this season, which means that Feyenoord Sluiter saw a serious option to take up the honors.

“I get some questions about being in the race for the job of team manager at Feyenoord”, the former coach of tennis star Kiki Bertens starts his message on Twitter. “After a, as they say, good exploratory conversation, I let the club know over a week ago that I can get off the list. Wonderful club, great sport, but I’ll stick with tennis”, Sluiter concludes. Robin van Galen (former water polo coach) and Leen van Stsysteem, the current team manager of Sparta, are said to also be on the list of candidates for the vacant position.

Also in Veronica Inside the list of potential successors is discussed. Interestingly enough, the table gentlemen of the talk show Sluiter consider the most suitable candidate for the role as team manager at the club. “I think they are very suitable”, responds Johan Derksen when Chris Woerts suggests the name of Sluiter. “That position is really made for him. He is a Rotterdam boy, who is very good with people and has a sporting past”, says Derksen.

Derksen in particular is less positive about Van Galen. “That Robin van Galen, eh, I think that’s such a pedantic smartass. He’s been making speeches all over the country, but what an obnoxious, self-absorbed bastard that is! He really wants a job in football. I cannot say that water polo is a ‘B-sport’, but he also wants to go to football ”, the analyst does not hide his opinion. According to Derksen, Van Stestel is also not the most suitable successor to Van Noortwijk.

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