Monday, February 22, 2021 at 9:18 PM• Jeroen van Poppel • Last update: 21:50

Johan Derksen is certainly not impressed by Uros Spajic. The analyst of Veronica Inside saw the 28-year-old center-back of Feyenoord play staggeringly weak against FC Twente (2-2) and, remarkably enough, even advises the Serb to stop playing professional football completely.

“The trainer should say to Spajic: ‘Oh, wouldn’t you better stop playing football? Because in possession you can’t do anything, and if you lose the ball, you can’t do anything. It’s terrible”, said Derksen, who believes that trainer Dick Advocaat has better options at Feyenoord. “Then the Brazilian (Eric Botteghin, ed.) Is much better in the center, I think. He can still do something.”

Derksen is also not pleased with Marcos Senesi, also center-back of Feyenoord. “I also think Senesi is a very exaggerated player,” said the analyst. “I think that is a very average central defender. And those who say that you have twenty million in front of that, they are not in their right mind”, Derksen refers to statements by his agent Henk Timmer, who has already released several times in the media that Senesi could yield twenty million euros. Jan Boskamp takes it up somewhat for the 23-year-old Argentinian. “Senesi is a good defender, hey. He can defend, but you have to say, ‘Take that ball and hand it in immediately.’

Feyenoord is in serious financial trouble, but Derksen does not see players who will make a lot of money. “Hardly, because Orkun Kökçü has not achieved anything yet,” said the former footballer. “That right winger, Steven Berghuis, that’s such a drama queen … I don’t think a big club will ever start on him. For the rest they have a keeper, who is 23 and has played one and a half matches (Justin Bijlow, ed. ), and everyone shouts: “He should be in the Dutch national team.” “René van der Gijp added at the end that Berghuis could still go to a club like FK Krasnodar.

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