Saturday, October 17, 2020 at

After 45 minutes of play, Barcelona are on a 0-0 draw at Getafe. The team of trainer Ronald Koeman is powerless at the front, and according to Jan van Halst that cannot be seen in isolation from the dramatic game of Ousmane Dembélé. The French wing striker suffered no fewer than fourteen loss of ball in the first half and, according to Van Halst, should have been replaced after fifteen minutes.

“It was really terrible”, Van Halst summarizes Dembele’s performance in the first half. “It was really unbelievable. After fifteen minutes we said: ‘He must be put out of his misery.’ Just lost the ball. There was a little discussion because he hasn’t played for a while. But you can still play to the right suit a few times? At one point it was six times in a row. It went on and on. really a bit sad. There must be something wrong with that boy. “

Van Halst knows that Dembélé is having a hard time in Barcelona, ​​but expects at least a certain basic level from the winger. “Seriously, a player with his qualities, a Barcelona player anyway … get one from the youth, he has less ball loss than he. It’s a big mystery too. I can also imagine that Koeman thinks: how can I get him back to playing football? “

As a complete team, Barcelona has a hard time visiting Getafe anyway. “They are looking. That is of course also due to some mutations that have been implemented. In the back it is reasonable, but in midfield it is searching. Pedri tries to get between the lines, but now and then Antoine Griezmann also comes.”


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