Feyenoord will remove the posts and nets around the De Kuip field, the Rotterdam team announced through official channels. The posts and nets had been there for more than a year to prevent an object from being thrown onto the field and the match being halted or halted. Many supporters also wanted the posts and nets removed.

Feyenoord has been using posts and nets along the field in European competitions for years to prevent heavy sanctions from UEFA and other problems in the event of any disturbances. Last season, the club also decided to use the posts and nets during De Klassieker(s), because of the reunion with Steven Berghuis.

In the semi-final of the TOTO KNVB Cup, Davy Klaassen was hit by an object from the audience and the KNVB decided to enforce stricter rules. If objects were thrown onto the field, the match would be stopped or even abandoned. Feyenoord therefore decided to leave the posts and nets in place for the rest of that season. This season too, there were posts and nets around the field during all home matches.

Many supporters wanted the posts and nets removed. Feyenoord is now responding to this. “In April 2023, after the introduction of new rules by the KNVB for throwing plastic cups or other objects, Feyenoord placed posts and nets around the De Kuip playing field,” can be read on the website. “The club wanted to prevent matches from being interrupted or even permanently stopped, as the rules prescribe.”

“Although Feyenoord recently saw things go wrong in this area during several matches of other clubs, including in the play-offs for promotion/relegation, it is nevertheless proceeding with the removal of the obstructing posts and nets in De Kuip.”

“The club states that it is now up to the supporters to show that this is possible.” However, Feyenoord warns fans that the club will replace the posts and nets if items end up on the field again in the future and the match is stopped or abandoned as a result. “The posts and nets will then be put back in place until at least the end of the 2024/25 season,” it said.

The posts and nets will continue to be used during European matches. Only in front of the stands where the TV cameras are located, no poles and nets will be placed so as not to obstruct the view of the TV viewer. Section Z, the section behind the dugouts, will then remain empty.

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