Thursday, November 24, 2022 at 12:23• Mart Oude Nijeweeme • Last update: 12:29

Kevin De Bruyne did not show the form he so often shows at Manchester City on Wednesday evening during Belgium – Canada (1-0), but was nevertheless with the Man of the Match trophy in his hands afterwards. To his own surprise. The midfielder received the most votes from the electorate and was chosen by FIFA as the best player of the match. According to the podcast The stand from Sporza is it proof that alcohol is served in Qatar.

Belgium had a particularly difficult time with Canada and could thank Thibaut Courtois for not falling behind after ten minutes, as the goalkeeper took a penalty. De Bruyne was also almost invisible. “I don’t think I played a good game and I don’t know why I got this trophy. Maybe it’s my name,” the midfielder said afterwards. “We didn’t start well, didn’t find solutions and came under pressure from Canada. In the second half we managed to get through their pressing in midfield and we came out.”

Also in the podcast The stand is struck dumb. “It’s proof that Budweiser is served in the lodges with the people who vote,” said reporter Filip Joos. “There is beer and alcohol in Qatar, because there is no other way. I often see De Bruyne matches in the stadium, but I have never seen him so bad. At Manchester City he plays in a team that he knows that if they being 0-2 behind (in the championship game, ed.), that they can turn it around. Yesterday he was a drowning man who was swimming.”

De Bruyne got into a fight with teammate Toby Alderweireld during the match. The Manchester City midfielder urged national coach Roberto Martínez to play the ball more often on the ground, while Alderweireld had assisted match winner Michy Batshuayi just before. “That was about football matters”, De Bruyne grinned. “As I said earlier: there was more space than was perhaps said. That was the discussion. We were looking for the long ball too much, while there was indeed room. Well, such a discussion is not a problem.”