Tuesday, January 24, 2023 at 10:04 PM• Mart van Mourik • Last update: 22:07

Johan Derksen lashed out hard at Anwar El Ghazi on Tuesday evening. The PSV attacker went down 1-0 with his team on a visit to FC Emmen and did not leave a strong impression in the game. The analyst concludes at the table Inside today that El Ghazi ‘has never performed well anywhere’ and ‘walks around like a weakling’.

PSV suffered a painful defeat with ten men prior to the broadcast, as Lucas Bernadou’s goal could not be defused. Derksen is especially shocked by El Ghazi’s performance. “I think the difference between Gakpo and El Ghazi is poignant. El Ghazi has never performed well anywhere and he is not doing well at PSV. He is a weakling, he is never decisive, he walks with beautiful brown legs, he walks around there and he really has nothing to crumble in the milk,” said the analyst.

El Ghazi himself acknowledges in front of the camera after the lost duel ESPN that PSV has to do much better. “Incredible. With all due respect to FC Emmen, but this is not allowed as PSV. I think we have simply failed collectively. I think everyone should look in the mirror and everyone should know very well what they have done right and wrong. we will straighten out as soon as possible, because this is unworthy of PSV. This is simply not possible. “

“I get into those scoring positions, that’s good in itself,” continues El Ghazi, looking in the mirror. “I’m trying to keep my cool, but it has to get better soon. I have to start scoring and help the team, sure. I think I just have to keep calm. But if I get a hundred percent chance, I just have to score. You just can’t control that. It’s not that I’m doing it on purpose. I’m just doing my best,” concludes the attacker.