Top players, but also clubs from home and abroad, provide (almost) daily insight into the ins and outs of the football world via Instagram, X or other internet channels. In this edition of VZ Social attention to darts player Luke Littler, who compliments Lamine Yamal on his performance in the won semi-final of the European Championship.

Spain was ultimately too strong for France on Tuesday night, winning 2-1. The still only sixteen-year-old Yamal brought the Spaniards back into the game in a magnificent way after an early deficit. The right winger scored from about 25 meters away. At only 16 years and 362 days, he became the youngest goalscorer ever at a European Championship.

The attacker prepared the ball for himself just outside the box and curled the ball into the top left corner at a speed of 102 kilometers per hour: 1-1. Dani Olmo made it 2-1 a few minutes later.

Yamal is making waves by making his mark on FC Barcelona and the Spanish national team at such a young age. Littler is also impressing, but in a different sport. The child prodigy made his big breakthrough in darts at the age of sixteen at the end of last year.

Littler, a huge Manchester United fan himself, appreciated Yamal's excellent performance against France and posted a meme on his Instagram Story. The photo shows Yamal asking Littler: “How do you think I'm doing boss?”, to which the now one-year-older darts player responds: “You're doing great lad… great!”

If Yamal were to have a pro career as long as Cristiano Ronaldo, it would mean we could potentially see him in action at the 2046 World Cup (!). By then, the Barcelona forward will be 38 years old.

Littler's Instagram story.

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