Saturday, March 18, 2023 at 9:49 PM• Jordi Tomasowa • Last update: 21:51

For Antonio Conte, the measure is full. The manager of Tottenham Hotspur saw his team hand over a 1-3 lead in stoppage time to Southampton. With the 3-3 draw, Tottenham spilled very expensive points in the hunt for a Champions League ticket. Afterwards, Conte strongly criticized his players and the management of the Spurs.

“I am not used to this at all. I see a lot of egoists, I don’t see a team. I see eleven players playing for themselves, going onto a field and putting absolutely no heart and soul into the game,” Conte grumbled. Tottenham were knocked out of the FA Cup by Sheffield United earlier this month, while AC Milan were too strong in two games. appeared in the round of 16 of the Champions League.

“This is not the result of tactics, but of a lack of passion and experience,” said Conte. “If those two parts are missing then you can lose to a younger Sheffield United and it can also go wrong against Southampton despite being 1-3 up. We are too anxious.” Tottenham’s last trophy was won in 2008 when they won the EFL Cup. “They are used to it here. They just got used to not winning anything. They don’t want to play for anything important, they don’t want to play under pressure, they don’t want to get stressed. That’s nice and easy. That is the story of Tottenham.”

Conte also had no good word for the management of the club. “The owner has been here for twenty years and they have never won anything? How did that happen? You risk making the mistake of pointing the finger at the manager, but I know what it’s like to win and to win against big opponents. I tried to camouflage the situation, but not anymore. This is unacceptable for all those fans who buy a ticket and follow us.”

The draw left the Londoners unable to climb over Manchester United and they remain fourth. The lead over Newcastle United is currently two points, though the Magpies played two games less. “There are still ten games to go. Do people think we can fight?” Conte wondered aloud. “What could we fight for? With this attitude, team spirit and dedication… maybe for seventh or eighth place? I am very angry about this. Everyone has to take responsibility, including the players. If Tottenham wants to continue like this, keep changing trainers, then that is possible, but nothing will change, believe me.”

Conte has an expiring contract, although he said he is still willing to give everything for Tottenham. “I am ready to die for the club until the end, but of course I am not so stupid as to continue until I kill myself. You know we signed a strange contract for a year and a half. Usually you sign for three there.”