in the face to the 2002/03 season, Real Madrid formed a template that was really scary. And it is that in its eleven Gala, Del Bosque had stars such as Zidane, Figo, Roberto Carlos, Raul and Ronaldo, among others.

as well, all of them had the pleasure of training Aimar Centeno, a young Argentine who was elected the best player of the more than 12,000 kids who were presented to an Argentine TV show called road to glory . It was a reality show that offered as a reward to do some tests on Real Madrid and opt for a contract.

at then, rye was just 16 years old. It outperformed all its contenidientes and earned the opportunity to work with the best players of the moment. “It was something unthinkable for a 16-year-old boy. BUTRAGUEÑO and Valdano received me. I remember that I gave the hand to Makelele and Ronaldo. Also spoke with Del Bosque and Cambiasso. It was a very pleasant experience “, tells Infobae .”

an adductor injury, your perdition

however, say that what easy come, easy is going. And that is what happened to the young Argentine, who was injured in his first workout. “ has given me a prick in the abductor and I have hardly been able to train “, said then. “Yet you have not completed the period”, he added.

but despite relying on its possibilities, rye became more grief than glory by Valdebebas. His injury denied him the chance of being noticed and was able to convince or to Del Bosque or coach of the subsidiary.

another test in River Plate

as well as, after a very fleeting passage by Real Madrid, South American footballer returned to its Argentina home and tried his luck at River Plate which offered him some tests to play in the second team. There he again sought the fortune and even played with Falcao and Augusto Fernández, but not stressed.

then, found its place in the Chacarita, where he played a season at its lower levels. At the end of the League and just two years after it was the foremost figure of road to glory rye hung their boots professionally: “ I was free to year in Chaca and did not want to play “, explains.

present, on the road

after touching the glory with the fingertips, decided to completely change your lifestyle, so he got to work and combined their different jobs with the practice of soccer in teams of minor categories. Thus, he worked as a seller of soft drinks, Concierge and even dependent in a drugstore.

now, in the 2017 and 15 years after his failed dream, Aimar Centeno has 31 Springs makes the bread as a driver of heavy trucks, which runs an average of 1,000 km per day . As he says, still some recognize him on the street, but it has a “nailed Thorn” by not having been able to become professional footballer.

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