Barca, through its technical secretariat has formally communicated it to Paulo Dybala which already does not fit into their plans of mercato permanently. What is curious is that this decision is made by Robert Fernández for technical reasons, to understand that the ‘ jewel ‘ is incompatible with Lionel Messi given its characteristics as a player.

this attitude, which is not shared by all of the ‘staff’ of the boat or the directive, is very different from the Argentine coach Jorge Sampaoli will build his team around the triangle formed by Leo Messi Paulo Dybala and Mauro Icardi . The latter want to Luis Suárez do the role of in the boat. That is why you have been summoned to it instead of the ‘ Pipit ‘Gonzalo Higuaín .

paulo Dybala already it was clear that he would follow on Juventus if not an offer from Barca, after two previous attempts that did not come to fruition. In principle, no interest in the Real Madrid team that also has repeatedly been interested by it. It renewed by the Vecchia signora the team that relied on him after the Serie A to reach and succeed at Palermo. Now wants to make history in Turin wearing the shirt with the ‘ten’ on the back, the same number that led Sivor i, Platini Baggio or del Piero .

proof of the interest of the ‘ jewel ‘ for Barca is that when it renewed by the Juventus until 2022, increasing his record to seven million euros, reached a verbal Pact with the Italian that club leaders if FC Barcelona set came with an important offer (about 120 million) the Vecchia signora would agree to negotiate without haggling. In addition, in recent times, Juventus had accepted the possibility of negotiating the departure of Paulo Dybala including some FC Barcelona player in the operation. Its main objective was and is André Gomes .

in fact the Vecchia signora already offered by the Portuguese via his agent Jorge Mendes but the Barca refused to consider him as a intrasferible. Now, with the arrival of Paulinho not be ruled out that the whole of the Italian Piedmont again to load. Fabio Paratici the Technical Secretary of Juventus, has always wanted to have him since he militated in Valencia. In addition, Real Madrid just not release Mateo Kovacic in Turin would as assigned or transferred.

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