A few days measured at Panathinaikos, Athletic returned to test fitness against Alaves in the Euskal Herriko beret. Lasesarre hosted the final between the best Basque teams from last season in the League. It was assumed that everything was going to be a serious, intense Derby, but what no one expected that after global warming, after the expulsion of Romero the referee and his assistants will give flight once had a great tangana, so there was no winner. In the end, tie two and widespread embarrassment.

the meeting hosted by Bilbao part seriously. Only had to see the relationship squad composition, in which once again was not alone as also Villalibre . The future of both seems what not being in the first team. Nor were Balenziaga Nunez Beñat and Aketxe . It was clear that the party was a great test bench for Ziganda which has been training up to three times behind closed doors in Lezama, with a view also to the appointment of Athens.

Williams of ‘ 9’

without frames Aduriz and Muniain and Cordoba and Williams more advanced, the attempt to be deep – the offensive role it was assumed – was a simple declaration of intent. Except a shot of Cordoba well like Pacheco and a spectacular intervention of the goal alavesista to San Jose shot from outside the area on a rehearsed move, the generation of only danger is sensed in the numerous corners of the first period. The problem is that the Zubeldia defended order and decisively in that kind of moves.

when it seemed that it had gone to rest with nothing to put in the mouth of Vesga shot next to the right stick to Pacheco gave the 1-0. It was just. But only outside the insistence shown, because the game was bland, lacking in pace, predictable and flat. Only some fast Flash Williams the screenplay jumped. More or less was what could be expected of a party under these circumstances, with a well planted Alaves, oredenado and nephew which gave war with its mobility and technical skills.

given the nature of the meeting, Ziganda made all the changes to give minutes to Herrerín of frames Etxeita Rico Muniain and Aduriz .

Aritz is redeems

precisely the donostiarra made penalty by giving an arm a lack for Ibai . Of Santutxu launched worthwhile maximum, rejected it Kepa and again the alavesista fired at empty gate. However visiting joy was short-lived because the magic of Muniain resulted in a pass to the right for Lekue who left a luxury service that exploited it Aduriz . Golazo. So resarcía of an unhappy time on whether own area.

low came after the expulsion of Alexis Ruano to heat a little Derby which could have been sentenced if Muniain would have beaten Pacheco in a one on one. In addition, Aduriz was very nearly sealed the result in the same goal line.

then the arbitral espantada would come minutes after Santos scored penalty when the Alaves was with ten.

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